Writing Proposals that Win Work

Writing proposals is hard!

It feels demoralizing to put effort in to a proposal only to have it rejected outright within a few minutes of being sent.

It doesn’t have to be that hard though. You can win most of the work you send a proposal out for. You just need the right plan.


For years I had the same issues. I’d send out 10 proposals and hopefully land 1 so that I could pay bills by the end of the month. Writing proposals was the part of my business I hated most because every rejection brought up feelings of failure.

Taking control of my process and learning to write good proposals (hint: think sales letter like this page) I moved my win rate from a lucky 10% to 90% plus. It’s rare these days that I send out a proposal and it gets rejected. Most often proposals get accepted for rates higher than the original budget the client had.

If you want to learn how to interact with your prospects to lead them in a good sales process and how to write estimates that win work then it’s time to purchase Writing Proposals that Win Work. Once you’re done this book you’ll have a solid path to lead clients through that sales process and get your win rate as high as mine.

Stop wondering if that proposal you sent will yield results!

Write Proposals that Win Work
Get Write Proposals that Win Work NOW!

Not only do you get 4 example proposals but I walk you through how to ask the right question of clients to find the things that are truly of value to them. Not just the first thing they ask for, but the underlying issues and the 2nd and 3rd level value items, which is really where you bring huge value to a client.

You’ll get the exact questions I ask prospects to dig in to those deeper levels of value so I can charge based on the value provided not the effort put in.

Write Proposals that Win Work
Get Write Proposals that Win Work NOW!

Writing Proposals that Win Work, along with the templates included, will help you:

Identify the true buyer in the organization and get to talk to them.

Use the techniques to figure out if your talking to the person that can really spend money and if you’re not how to get to talk to them and talk at their level (hint it’s strategic not tactical).

Build a relationship of trust with your buyer

Really your proposal should only be a summary of the issues you’ve both decided need to be addressed and the price should be tied to the value you have both agreed those items bring. Learn to build that relationship with the buyer so they trust you enough to tell you the issues and value items.

Learn to talk strategy not tactics

Real buyers think strategically about their business not simply tactically. Learn the difference and how to talk strategically with your buyer.

Learn to deal with the times a client says no

Just because they said no this time doesn’t mean the relationship is over. Use the tips here to turn that in to a future client and learn what mistakes you’ve made so you don’t make them again.


Writing Effective Proposals also walks you through the in’s and out’s of retainers. How do you price them? How do you structure them? How do you write a proposal for them?

Write Proposals that Win Work
Get Write Proposals that Win Work NOW!