Working All The Time Sucks

Remember that day when you could hang out with your loved ones, or take a walk, in the middle of the day and not stress about it?

When you were earning what you wanted to and had the freedom you wanted?

No…you don’t.

Most freelancers get to raise their rates and earn some more but it comes at the cost of working all the damn time. If they’re not working, they’re thinking about all the work they should be doing.

Most often this comes down to a few broken practices in their business.

  1. They don’t plan the right work to match their day
  2. They don’t timeblock
  3. They interact with distractions and call it “work”

You can take control of your day. You can say no more and get the right work done with less hours put in. Many of my students go from a 10 hour day to a 6 hour day over the course of a few months and get more done with less time put in.

Together we figure out their highest value tasks. Then we relentlessly focus on them and say no to things that break their concentration on those tasks. We schedule our calls and say no to distractions.

We keep refining it and getting more focused and they start earning more and working waaaay less.

You can do it to and I can help.