A caution against Jordan Peterson

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I’ve got Peterson’s book 12 Rules For Life on my radar to read in the coming months. This adds some interesting background that would be worth reading.

What strikes me about this article is the alignment with some of the far right sides. While I agree with Peterson on his stand against pronoun usage, and his argument towards speech control being a precursor to dictatorship seems plausible to me, I almost hate saying that seeing some of the allies that have been chosen.

That means I need to hold in tension the agreement with some ideas, and the groups with which he has allied himself to get support for the ideas. Can I support the ideas knowing that I’m standing beside some of these groups?

I should do more research into the books and topics discussed in the article and the other research I have regarding Peterson and then write more about it. At least think much deeper, which is what writing does for me.

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