You need 1000 True Fans

Kevin Kelly’s excellent essay saying that with 1000 people who will purchase everything we put out we have a strong business. 1000 True Fans

The Cost of Interruptions

Fast Company writes about the cost of interruptions to work. They cite this study and say that there are two reasons we don’t address the problem: People honestly don’t realize how costly and insidious interruptions are. They don’t know how to curtail interruptions in a professional way. The High Cost of Interruptions Original Study Download

The All-Nighter Idiot

The only reason you pulled an all-nighter is because you are an idiot. Don’t be that idiot, get your work back on track. Work smarter not harder. Full Article

The Original Natural Remedy for Burnout: Nature

This essay explores why we say we’re happier in nature, and yet are spending less and less time in nature. If you’re looking at burnout, feeling overworked, then start getting out for a walk every day of the week in some green space. Get away from cars and noise and don’t take your phone. Just […]

HelloSign and the Productivity Paradox

Interesting article about adding tools to improve productivity which result in, getting less done as the overhead to manage the new systems continues to pile up and pile up. Read the full article

Thriving in the Gig Economy from Havard Business Review

Interesting article on what it takes to survive freelancing. There are four main things: place, routines, purpose, and people. If you don’t have these things in some semblance of order, then success at work and life is going to me much harder. Having a JOB with a traditional office makes some of these things easier. […]