Scene on Radio – Men

This is a look at patriarchy, manhood, and how manliness has been different depending on skin colour in America. Listen to the Series

Scene on Radio – Seeing White

This is a podcast series exploring what it means to be white. How has whiteness and race affected slavery, other races…and so much more. Listen to the series

Connecting and the Hug Routine

Specifically they talk about the big greeting routine and that most fights are about connection not the thing you’re fighting about. The hug routine is that before you tell each other about anything in the day, you hug. Make it a long one. Until you relax into it. Connect your nervous systems together and enjoy […]

Status Roles by Seth Godin

Seth Godin talks about how status roles are invoked in our decisions and inform our pursuits. He also addresses a bunch of questions at the end. The one that stood out for me was a question about what things to try. He says, try a bunch in public so that your audience can vote on […]

The little things add up

12 Rules for life with James Altucher The takeaway is that little things add up. So what little things are you doing today? Site link

Defined by The Worst Thing You’ve Done

What if you were defined by the worst thing you’ve done? This is a great discussion on being defined by the worst thing you’ve done. We’ve all done terrible things, but most of us don’t disclose them as the first thing every time we meet anyone. The following few minutes of that podcast are a […]

Tim Ferris on Saying No

This is a great episode with some clear actions you can use when you need to say no to people. How to Say No – The Tim Ferris Show