You have too much time to work

Whatever time you give yourself to work, you will use. Nights, weekends, vacations — if you think you need it, you’ll work right through your time off.

Time is an excuse

If you feel inspired to do something you’ll find a way to get it done. A lack of time is an excuse.

Manage Word Blindly

We don’t dare drive without watching the road or checking our gauges, but oddly enough we manage our work blindly all the time. We don’t visualize our tasks or rely on information radiators to alert us when our work might veer off track or require intervention. At best, we use deadlines to track our progress, […]

Time as a Function of Income

When time becomes a function of income rather than personal or professional value, we become psychologically and emotionally detached from our actions.

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

This book has 21 guidelines to help you “eat your frog” which is the big ugly task you probably want to avoid. They group into five generic categories though and have some overlap.