You start as a Doer

Every entrepreneur starts out as a doer, because doing things is what we’re good at. The problem arises when you get stuck in that phase, and al the Doing keeps you from your bigger vision of building a business.

You Must Say No

You can get control of your tasks and activities only to the degree that you stop doing some things and start spending more time on the few activities that can really make a difference in your life. From Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

There will always be more than you can do

No matter how many personal productivity techniques you master, there will always be more to do than you can ever accomplish in the time you have available to you, no matter how much time it is. From Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

This book has 21 guidelines to help you “eat your frog” which is the big ugly task you probably want to avoid. They group into five generic categories though and have some overlap.