Ideas don’t matter

You can have the best ideas in the world—but if you haven’t shipped, you haven’t done anything.

If you haven’t launched

If you have side projects that you’ve never finished and you haven’t launched anything in the last year, you don’t know how to ship. It took just over one year to build the Empire State Building, that’s it. How long has your project taken?

Executing fulfills us

The truth is that executing fulfills many of the things that we crave in our everyday lives. It gives us a sense of accomplishment, it gives us a sense that we’re contributing in some way, and it gives a strong sense of pride in the work that we ship.

Shipping and execution

Be someone that ships. It’s the ultimate gauge on whether or not you are executing. any other metric outside of shipping is false

You don’t lack the “right stuff”

You should never wait to pursue a dream or add value out of fear that you lack the “right stuff.” High Performance happens because of what you deliberately think and do on a routine basis in order to excel and serve at higher levels.

Discipline of Shipping

I think the discipline of shipping is essential in the long-term path to becoming indispensable. While some artists manage to work for years or decades and actually ship something important, far more often we find the dreams of art shattered by the resistance.