Performance declines as you pile on the hours

If you work between 30 and 50 hours per week, adding more hours on the job lifts your performance. But once you’re working between 50 and 65 hours per week, the benefit of adding additional hours drops off. And if you’re working 65 hours or more, overall performance declines as you pile on the hours.

The Zorro Circle

The concept of the Zorro Circle is a powerful metaphor for how we can achieve our most ambitious goals in our jobs, our careers, and our personal lives. One of the biggest drivers of success is the belief that our behavior matters; that we have control over our future. Yet when our stresses and workloads […]

High Performance Habits

This book looks at the research that Brendon Burchard has done with his clients and other high performance individuals and compiles it into a number of habits that high performers exhibit. The intent is to teach you how to put them