Perfectionism is an excuse

Whenever I tell people to create more output, inevitably I run into the perfectionists. They say things like “Well, Brendon, I can’t just put more stuff out there. I’m a perfectionist. I have to know that it’s absolutely right and will be loved.” Perfectionism, though, is just a delay logic fancied up to look respectable. […]

Secret Rules of Perfectionism

At the core, perfectionism is a desperate attempt to live up to impossible standards. We wouldn’t play if we knew the whole game was impossible, so perfectionism promises us that we just need to follow some secret rules. As long as we do that, perfect is possible. So over the years, as you chase goals, […]

Perfect or Quit

That’s why a lot of people won’t start a new goal. They’d rather get a zero than a fifty. They believe perfect is the only standard and if they can’t hit it they won’t even take the first step. A dreary sense of “What’s the use?” settles about them like a thick fog. I can’t […]