You don’t know what others want

The illusion that both parties to the conversation know what the other party wants is pervasive, and it sets the stage for plenty of frustrating exchanges.

Empathy is Whole Body Listening

Empathy is listening not only with the ears, but with the heart. It involves deeply listening not just to what another is saying with their mouth, but what message is coming from their core. From Play Nice In your Sandbox

You can’t control how others treat you

You cannot control how others treat you, but by pushing the pause button, by taking time to choose your response to situations, you can be far more in control and far more likely to make appropriate decisions. From Play Nice In Your Sandbox

Play Nice In Your Sandbox at Work

Play Nice is a short book about conflict resolution and negotiation. It covers two main topics with some sub-points on how to accomplish the two topics. First, you should probably avoid conflict and Price provides you with tools to avoid conflict. Second, conflict can be productive and Price provides you with some tools to get […]