Contempt is relationship death

Contempt confuses us because we mistake the smirk for a partial smile or boredom, but that could not be further from the truth. Contempt is a cue of serious dislike and scorn. We often show contempt when we feel that someone or something is beneath our attention. also showing contempt in your marriage is death […]

Rudeness is cancer to love

Rudeness is the cancer that devours love. Everyone knows this, yet it’s notorious that we are more polite to strangers than we are to our own relatives.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

This is a classic book by Dale Carnegie detailing many steps and practices you can take to do relationships better. While it is an old book and does have some very dated thoughts on marriage roles, the principles are all great.

Emotional Debate and Punishment

By building trust, a team makes conflict possible because team members do not hesitate to engage in passionate and sometimes emotional debate, knowing that they will not be punished for saying something that might otherwise be interpreted as destructive or critical. also a key to communication in marriage

Emotional support in marriage

The emotional support spouses provide has numerous biological and psychological benefits. Being near a familiar person — even an acquaintance, let alone a spouse — can have effects as diverse as lowering heart rate, improving immune function, and reducing depression. They guess that men die after being widowed sooner than women because men get emotional […]

We think we have power to make decisions

Because we are so sure of our individual power to make decisions, we lose sight of the extraordinary degree to which our choice of a partner is determined by our surroundings and, in particular, by our social network.

The Nonresponsive relationship

What does non responsiveness look like? You walk in the door distraught, and your partner doesn’t even notice (anti-understanding). When you describe a new interest or passion, your partner seems uninterested or dismissive (anti-validation). In a situation where a hug or soothing comment would go a long way, you get a blank face (anti-caring). Nonresponsiveness […]