Time is an excuse

If you feel inspired to do something you’ll find a way to get it done. A lack of time is an excuse.

Perfectionism is an excuse

Whenever I tell people to create more output, inevitably I run into the perfectionists. They say things like “Well, Brendon, I can’t just put more stuff out there. I’m a perfectionist. I have to know that it’s absolutely right and will be loved.” Perfectionism, though, is just a delay logic fancied up to look respectable. […]

Blame How You’re Built

Too often, achievers blame their low physical energy on “how I’m built” or on the time demands of their industry, company culture, or personal obligations.

The Past as an Anchor

After limiting beliefs, the next most common barrier we encounter is the past. We tow it around like a trailer full of broken furniture. We can’t fully consider the future because we’re too tied up in what’s already happened.

Don’t Let Lack of Resources be an Excuse

If you goal is big enough, you’ll probably require more and different resources than you assume when you start. But start. A lack of resources is never a good excuse to stay put.