Altruism spreads

When we analyzed their behavior, we found that altruism tends to spread and that the benefits tend to be magnified. When one person gives an extra dollar in the first round, the people in her group each tend to give about twenty cents more in the second round, even though they have been placed in […]

Susceptible to influence

The more paths that connect you to other people in your network, the more susceptible you are to what flows within it. So, if you have multiple 3 degrees to people you’re more likely to be influenced.

Murder can spread

It can spread either in a directed fashion (retaliating against the perpetrators) or in a generalized fashion (harming nondisputants nearby). Either way, however, a single murder can set off a cascade of killings. Acts of aggression typically diffuse outward from a starting point — like a bar fight when one man swings at another who […]