Great Work Requires Discomfort

You will never build something truly special and unique if you’re not willing to be uncomfortable. You have to be able to laugh at people telling you you’re doing it wrong, and instead do what you know is great and valuable.

Not a Slave to Clients

We value freedom over our time above all else. We work for ourselves because we don’t want a boss — and that includes being a slave to our clients.

You Must Sell Yourself

If you create value in the world, it’s your job to market yourself well enough to ensure your people have access to the valuable services they need. If you fail at communicating your value, your clients will lose when they end up hiring a less valuable competitor because they didn’t understand why you are better.

The Beauty of Specializing

The beauty of specializing on a process for a focused market is that you can create these processes. The more yo do the same kind of project, the more proficient you become. And while doing the same thing over and over may sound boring, I find that’s quite the opposite. You can always improve your […]

Why Do Boring Work?

Building a business is hard work no matter what. Why would you put all that effort into doing something you don’t even like that much? Why would you bust your butt finding projects that put you to sleep?

Badass Your Brand

This is the author’s look at what it takes to stand out from the rest of your industry and charge the rates you want to charge.