Will You Weather The Storm?

As in all things, a choice will be required of you. Will you choose to let the storm destroy your life and plans, or will you choose to build a shelter from the storm and pick up after it is over to keep moving forward? The only way to weather a storm is to go […]

Life isn’t a Hobby

Your life is not a hobby. You must have a purpose for your growth and learning. We work on our hobbies when we have time. To have a successful life, you need to commit to continual learning and personal growth.

Combat Negative Thought

There’s so much negative thought and conversation in the world today, you must combat it with positive and encouraging thoughts. You do that by reading good books. Read every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, but do it every day.

Achieved Dream

Nothing has been achieved in the history of man that wasn’t first a dream.

Measuring Success

Success isn’t measured in the end result, it’s measured in the little progress you make every day, and the course changes or corrections you make when faced with an obstacle.

Fertile Soil and Fertile Mind

Like the soil, the mind has a limitless potential for ever-increasing productivity. Care and nurturing are required. It must be fed new knowledge and insights in order for it to grow. If it is neglected and left to its own desires, it becomes a wasteland and produces very little of worth, which some will call […]

Then it Gets Hard

But then it gets hard. Rules change, markets change, the economy changes, and people with new ideas come along. If we haven’t been paying attention and adding to our knowledge and skills, we find ourselves getting cynical and resentful and frustrated. It affects our attitudes and our production. Over time, we end up feeling as […]

The Success Grower

If you’re struggling with changes in your industry, The Success Grower, provides you with a great framework to work on yourself. Schinnerer wraps the business principles in a compelling story that will make reading easier.