If you haven’t launched

If you have side projects that you’ve never finished and you haven’t launched anything in the last year, you don’t know how to ship. It took just over one year to build the Empire State Building, that’s it. How long has your project taken?

Time is an excuse

If you feel inspired to do something you’ll find a way to get it done. A lack of time is an excuse.

Executing fulfills us

The truth is that executing fulfills many of the things that we crave in our everyday lives. It gives us a sense of accomplishment, it gives us a sense that we’re contributing in some way, and it gives a strong sense of pride in the work that we ship.


Stalling is a mean creature. If we’re stalling that usually means that we’re scared, ill-equipped, or procrastinating.

Big projects suck

Big projects are a slow-paced, headache inducing juggernaut that leads to too many meetings, opinions, broken marriages and late night fast food binges. Big projects are what typically allow for an underdog to come in and steal market share.

Shipping and execution

Be someone that ships. It’s the ultimate gauge on whether or not you are executing. any other metric outside of shipping is false

Applied learning

Nothing will teach you better than necessity. Keep it light, and you don’t wait on graduation or validation. There is no graduating on the web. You’re always learning and it “sticks” when you have a project to instantly apply it to. we learn best that which we have to use right away so learn things […]

Structure is the enemy

Structure is the enemy because structure is sterile. Structure is what companies put into place to force people to create average, but predictably accurate products on an assembly line.


This is a book about how and why to execute on ideas right away. Don’t wait for a time, the author’s say, just do the work you’re passionate about quickly while you have that momentum.