Natural level of productivity

Everyone has a natural level of productivity. It will vary from person to person, but everyone has a limited amount of physical, mental, and creative energy. Every hour of work costs energy.

The Simplest Thing That Could Work

“Simple” is different from “Quickest to write” and very different from “The first idea that comes to mind.” Discovering the simplest possible solution is difficult.

What is an Extreme Programming Story Card?

Story cards answer the question what should be done? Each card describes a desired feature of the software project in story form — a sentence or two from the customers perspective.

The useless well-written project

Building a successful software project requires far more than just coding. A beautiful, elegant, and comprehensively tested project is useless unless it meets actual customer needs.

The amount of work you can do is constant

Rather than scrambling to meet an impossible deadline, work to your normal pace. The amount of work you can do is constant — the only real question is which work to do.

4 Software Project Variables

4 Software Project Variables 1. Time 2. Scope 3. Resources 4. Quality XP suggests a different strategy. Agree as a team – including the customer – on acceptable level of quality. Agree to consider that time and resources are fixed. The only remaining question is that of scope. What will be delivered? The customer will […]

If your methods aren’t practiced they’re useless

No matter how well-intentioned your values, if your methods aren’t practiced, they’re useless. A method that recommends voluminous design documents is just creating busywork if no one ever reads the documents, let alone updates them.

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

This is a pocket guide on the methods needed to implement extreme programming in your business. It covers the 3 XP values and then walks you through how to get going with the 12 practices needed to get the full Extreme Programming process going for your software team.