Business doesn’t have to be a struggle. People have walked this road before.

You don’t have to walk it on your own. Jumping from paycheque to paycheque wondering if the next one will be the last.

I’ve been there and it sucks. I’ve seen my clients there and it sucks.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can run a business well and have time outside of work.

You can get higher rates.

You can stop feeling like you’re alone.

You can join me for a year of learning how to run a better business.

What Membership Gets You

The Book Club

Leaders read and readers lead. The first thing you’ll get by joining the site is access to the monthly book club. The reading we’ll walk you through will help transform your business. These are our books for 2018:

We’ll meet monthly to discuss the book and how it can be applied to our life and work.

If you want to take your reading up a notch first, you must get How to Read a Book. Reading that will help you dig so much deeper into what you’re reading.


You get to join me in a Slack channel just for my coaching students and members. There you can access quick feedback on a proposal, or solutions to a problem you’re having right now.

More Learning Material

When you get the membership, you get my 8 Week Business BootCamp video course to work through, and contiuing learning material.

We’ll get on a call once a month where we’ll talk about the new material and dig deep into the selected topic and how you can use it for your business. This will be a bit Q&A a bit coaching.

Some of the content coming is:

  • Better Email
  • Using Analogue Productivity to Start Winning
  • How to build habits
  • How to maximize your business learning time
  • Bringing your spouse into the business

If you’re ready to stop going it alone.

If you’re ready to start making huge progress in your business.

It’s time to start taking control of your business.

If you’re ready to join me now, click the purchase button below and get the 8 Week BootCamp Videos, plus a 1-year trial of the membership.

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