Effective Client Email

Talking with clients can be hard

Even harder when you have to do it via the medium that is email, where every sentence and punctuation mark is left open to interpretation.

Communicating confidently to clients via email doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Here’s what Bri had to say after using this system:

Curtis’ email templates have helped our small company save precious time by making it easier to weed out terrible clients from the get-go. They also put us, as service providers, in a better position to demonstrate the value in our work. No matter the final outcome of our emails with a client, Curtis’ templates have been useful 100% of the time.

Do you ever find yourself thinking these things when you get that first email from a new prospect?

Do they really have the budget needed for the project?
Are they just trying to pick my brain, or is there a real project here?
Will they actually work with me as a partner, instead of treating me like a bus boy?
Are they shopping this RFP around to everyone – should I even respond?
Are they totally crazy and I just don’t know it yet?


It seems like there is no way to know the answers to these questions until AFTER you’ve invested your time (and therefore MONEY) talking with a client face-to-face, or worse, in a never-ending series of phone calls.

There is a way. Effective Client Email gives you a proven set of emails to use day in, day out, so you can be confident that your client email interactions are both productive for you, and fruitful for your client. These email templates position you as the expert in the relationship, and let you drive the conversation.

Stop Guessing At What To Write Next.

Get Effective Client Email now


Before I took Curtis’ advice and started using his email system for interacting with prospective clients I would waste a lot of valuable time writing original emails to each lead.

Now I’ve been able to systematize my lead process which has freed up time for me to serve my clients, build commercial products and work less! – Daniel Espinoza

Not only do you get the exact emails I send (which you can start using right away), but I explain to you the structure and thinking behind each email. By understanding the WHY behind the templates, you can tailor them to your business and personality, and still have Effective Client Emails

I Need Effective Client Email

Effective Client Email, along with the templates included, will help you:

Identify the best fit clients though standard questions for your prospects.

Use it every time, for every project, and you’ll begin to find the clients, and projects, that work best for you.

Take the fear out of updating clients on your progress with scheduled project check ins and updates.

Become their most-loved business partner through better communication of what you’re already working on.

Get the information you need as you start a project. Stop messing around with gathering passwords and logins and get it all at once.

Saying no

Cooly and confidently tell a prospect or client NO, you won’t do that.

Saying no and making recommendations

Say no, but provide huge value as you help your clients figure out their next steps.

Saying no to RFP’s

Save the business opportunity while at the same time-saving yourself from a lengthy, ambiguous RFP process.


Responses to 3 types of objections to your initial questions.
Saying NO politely to requests for free work.
WHY I structure my emails the way I do so you can tweak them to your needs.


Effective Client Email also guides you through earning more by sending cold emails to potential clients, including a primer on identifying your ideal customer. Once you know who is your ideal client, you can use my proven cold email template to begin building the best relationship from the very first email you send.

Curtis’ email templates have taken out the guesswork and saved me a ton of time in the initial client vetting process. They’ve also helped give me the confidence to communicate professionally and consistently with potential customers. – Carrie Dils

Don’t spend another day staring at your screen, trying to figure out what to write next. Take control of your business relationships and turn every email into an opportunity to save time, increase revenue and share value. Click here to purchase your copy of Effective Client Emails today.

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